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Type Name Author Info Price
Book Swami Anand Rishi , Ms. Ananda Varsha This book is a translation of Swami Anand Rishi\\\'s Book PatanjalaYogaDarshan - Ek Abhyas. It is a commentary on Patanjala Yoga Sutras. Old editation Rs.250/-. Only one copy available. Rs. 300/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Rs. 300/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Oshoni Patanjal YogDarshana var 100 pravachane dili ahet. Tya var adharit hi tika ahe. Tyashivay Vyas, Vachaspati mishra, Dr. Karambelkar, Dr. Kolhatkar etc. anekanche sandarbha prastut avruttit ghetlele ahet. Vyaktisuchi, Vishaysuchi ani etar 11 suchi ya granthat ahet. Ya granthala 1996-97 ya varshasathi maharashtra shasanatarfe utkrushta vangmay tatvadnyan vibhag puraskar milala ahe. Rs. 300/-
Book Dr. Manjiree Gokhale and Dipti Kawale Saunvad Affirmation Deck Journey From Instinct to Intuition containing 9 cards, affirmations for 7 chakras 100
Book Swami Anand Rishi Rs. 400/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Janak va Rishi ashtvakra yancha saunvad. Ya pustakat mul sanskrit shlok, nantar tyacha marathitil anuvad va nantar tyache vivaran ase dile ahe. Oshonchya mul hindi 90 pravachanancha ha sankshipta gabha ahe. Rs. 150/-
Book Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale A book on effective techniques of Yoga for voice, Communication, Expression and Creativity \\\"Voice\\\" is the medium of communication, and expression. \\\"Voice\\\" is responsible for abstract creativity. A sweet, melodious, loud enough, energetic, smooth, stedy, effective and flexible speaking or singing voice is always appreciated. \\\"Voice\\\" in its holistic approach is any expression of speech, music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, writing, language etc. including all arts & talents. Rs. 200/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Khajagi Vitaran Free till stock lasts
Book Swami Anand Rishi, P.E.Narasimhan Sanskrit Aphorisms and their English translations Rs. 100/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Saransh - Mul sanskrit sutre & marathi anuvad Rs. 30/-
Book Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale \'Yog\' va \'Jati Smaran - Smruti Parishuddhi Yog\' ha klishta vishay khup sopya va yogya shabdat mandala aahe. Yogasadhana dirghakal, nirantar, akhandit va shraddhapurvak honyasathi va sharirik, manasik, bhavanik, samajik va atmik unnati sadhanyasathi sadhakas Jati Smaran - Smruti Parishuddhi atyant mahatvachi aahe. Rs.132/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Rs. 100/-
Book Swami Anand Rishi Autobiography of Swami Anand Rishi 200
Book Swami Anand Rishi Anek prakarchya Dhyan paddhatincha adhava Rs. 100/-
Book Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale Kavya Sangraha Free till stock lasts
CD Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale This is a Demonstration video of Yogic techniques explained in the book Voice Tantra Yoga Mantra. Demonstrations of Shuddhikriyas (cleansing techniques), Mudras (Hand & Body Postures), Bandhas (Locks), Pranayam (Breath Techniques) and othe voice exercises. This is a supportive dvd of the book Voice Tantra Yoga Mantra Rs. 150/-
CD Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale Mixed Bhajans taughtin the workshop. Free till stock lasts
CD Dr. Manjiree Vikas Gokhale Guided meditation on Sound, Guided Yogic Relaxation with Sound (Yog Nidra) Rs. 75/-

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