Past Life Regression


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Regression means returning to a former state. It is the act of reversion to an earlier state. Past Life Regression means journeying back to previous lives or incarnation.

Past Life Regression helps one to experience the big picture of life, understand the higher dimensions and to live this life at its best. It also helps one find joy, peace, love, confidence, courage and the spark in life.

This is done by accessing memories of the past, which are stored in the sub-conscious mind. These memories are the root cause of the relevant issues. The root cause could lie within the past memories of the present life or one or more previous life times.

Past life regression helps one to retrieve energies from the past, transform the negative energy patterns into positive energy patterns and assimilate them into the present life situations.

There are several techniques of Past Life Regression. It is commonly believed that past life regression is achieved only through hypnosis. But, hypnosis is just one of the many techniques of past life regression.

To understand how past life regression works as a therapy, we need to know the process of storage and retrieval of information.

Information is stored in the brain in the form of energy/ vibrations with the help of the five senses and the mind. Every piece of information is stored in the form of sounds, physical sensations of touch, images or visuals, tastes, smells and emotions individually and with combinations. When we intend to memorize, this information is retrieved with our senses. According to our need of intentions, we have an inbuilt capacity of transforming the vibrations of any/all the senses to the intended sense form we want. All senses are at par, none being of lesser importance than the other. The memories of this information create desires and thoughts.

According to the way a person perceives he can be categorized as - visual, kinesthetic (movement), auditory, tactile (touch), taste, smell, feelings (emotions), understanding (knowing).

Each person has his own unique way of perceiving information and retrieving those memories. In the process of perceiving we even give emotional tags and label the information as good or bad or label memories with circumstantial equations. We even give such tags to our senses also, though all senses are of equal importance.