We invite one and all to become
a Member of Saunvad Centre for Music and Healing.


Donate for a Cause - For financial assistance for those who wish to take healing sessions from us.

Our trust (Regd), Saunvad Centre for Music and Healing, has a library collection of approx 2000 books. We will be adding at least 2000 more books to this collection. Our collection has many rare books.

Presently our library works in a very informal style. Now, we intend to start a systematic, circulating and reference library of non-fiction books in Marathi, Hindi and English. We intend to start this like a ‘Mobile Book Library at your town’.

Books will cover subjects like Philosophy, Past Life Regression, Yoga, Reiki, Healing, Psychology, Osho, Astrology, Bhakti Sangeet, Indian Music (both theory and practical) and other Spiritual and Occult subjects. We would be happy if more people join this service.

Concept Of Mobile Book Library At Your Town
• An online catalogue will be prepared for any person to search any book.
• Some books will be kept in the main library at Thane as reference books.
• Every volunteer will also get 3 sets of catalogues – Name-wise, Author-wise and Subject-wise.
• Volunteers will be keeping a set of say 100 books (the volunteer would decide this figure – minimum 50), selected from the main catalogue of books.
• Every volunteer will keep a detailed record of the books, names of borrowers/members, fee record according to the subscribed pattern. The books would be returned and exchanged every month by volunteers.
• A Library Volunteer can be any person who is interested in doing such social activity of helping people to grow.
• We would also need some volunteers (who travel frequently), who could help in the courier services of the books for the Library Volunteers.
• We would also need a volunteer at our main Thane office, for maintenance of these library records.

Mobile Book Library At Your Town—Be a Volunteer
An online catalogue is available on our website for any person to search any book. Some books will be available in the main library at Thane, only as reference books. Volunteers will get a copy of the catalogue. They will be keeping a selected set of say 100 books (the volunteer would decide this figure – minimum 25), selected from the main catalogue, which can be changed periodically. Volunteers will lend the books in their friend circle and neighbourhood.

Library membership is free, with a one time refundable deposit of Rs. 400/- per year
(Library - to be extended to audio and video very soon)

Deposit would be Rs. 500/- per book. Members can borrow more than one book at a time.

For year 2014 -2015 all volunteers will be giving their honorary services as this activity would be a service activity of Saunvad. The fees collected would be just a gesture of energy exchange of a small portion of the expenses incurred.