Family Constellation


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These months are full of festive events – events to bring people together. This is our cultural, social, traditional way, a ritualistic way for healing our family ties. Our Indian tradition also devotes a fortnight (second fortnight of Bhadrapada) to heal our ancestors. If all these rituals are done by the individuals as well as the purohits and people concerned, with trust, love and care for self, each other and our ancestors, these rituals have the POWER to heal our ancestral energy blocks, to heal our negative family patterns. We have to self check the righteousness of the process of rituals as well as our attitude by checking the fruits, the effects of the actions. If performed rightly rituals should bear fruits of happiness, love and care for each other, changing the negative patterns to positive ones.

But, practically we see that this does not happen. The family problems seem to remain as they are. Now, where is the fault? Is it in the process of rituals? The answer is most of the times ‘NO’. The fault lies mostly in ‘the attitude’, the mindset of the purohits and the individuals performing the rituals. If we observe minutely people perform rituals mostly out of fear – fear of ‘what others will say’, fear of ‘sinning’ if the ritual is not performed, fear of going to hell if ritual is not performed, fear that our ancestors may trouble them if rituals are not performed. Other than the attitude of fear, many perform the ritual out of doubt, or just for the sake of others, to avoid fights over the matter, or out of egoistic issues – just to ‘show off’, or for business purposes, or just as a social event and many more attitudes born out of fear, competition and ego satisfaction (that ‘I’ have done this).

A way to judge ourselves is to observe our emotions when someone criticizes for the rituals we have performed, or someone does not perform a ritual inspite of our reminding. If in any case anger, depression, fear arise then it is a sure sign that the attitude at the time of performing the ritual was not trust, love and care for self and others. If the fruits are sour (of an unexpected taste) then surely the seed we have sown is the wrong one.

These signs are very subtle to understand and rectify. Is there any easy way of healing our family issues? A way for people like us who no more 'trust' a ritual, people who are dominated by logic and physical senses.

YES. Surely there are always solutions available at any point of time and place.

Here, I am going to share my understanding of healing relations – healing our parents, healing our ancestors, healing our children, and to a larger extent healing all those who are related to us by birth or socially as neighbours, friends, enemies, colleagues, etc.

Nowadays, we have been using words like hereditary, genes, DNA very extensively. Everyone believes that we inherit behaviour, emotional patterns and also illnesses from our parents. So, we coolly tend to shed responsibility of our harmful emotions and illnesses like diabetes on our parents and ancestors, just by saying that ‘it is in the family’.

But, we need to understand that every problem has a built-in solution. This is the hypotheses and assumption on which even contemporary scientists work.

Here are few points and solutions to contemplate – based on my knowledge, experience and thinking.

We choose our family:

We need to understand that before taking birth, in our soul life, we had a choice of choosing parents and family, with a prior knowledge of all the possible genetic problems and possibilities. If we have opted for these parents and family, surely we have a special purpose for making these choices.

There are many reasons of ‗why we choose particular parents and family‘. Some reasons are quite personal, whereas many are very common. The choices are made with respect to the growth of our virtues, and helping our family members for the same. Every lifetime has a basic purpose of growth of our soul, towards the evolution of our soul, towards an expansion of consciousness from individual to the whole. The most common reason behind choosing a family and parents are to solve complicated family issues, to rectify our past life mistakes with the family people, to join the broken links in our family, to help our parents, family and ancestors in moving towards evolution. We come here, on this earth plane, to help each other to move forward in life.

Every Gene we carry contains our ancestral impressions:

When we are born we carry in our physical body all the ancestral impressions. These impressions are all the emotions, thoughts, events, memories - happy and sad, good and bad, of our ancestors. Scientists have enough proof to say that we can manifest such impression upto our sixth ancestor (we are the seventh in line), i.e .we can manifest any characteristic out of 126 ancestors directly from the blood.

Now, out of the millions of genes we carry, we should understand the deciding factors which manifest a character. The stronger genes tend to dominate the weak ones, when we are in our mother‘s womb. So keeping the mother-to-be and the child happy helps the positive genes to take proper shape. If the child and mother-to-be go through some trauma, genes with negative character and emotions tend to manifest.

Once the physical body is formed, it is usually not possible to work upon the structural factors and change them. After birth the emotional, mental and intellectual issues can be managed by physical and mental medication. But, it is not possible to heal these genetic trends.

Thanks to contemporary quantum healing techniques, now, even after birth, through energy healing techniques, breathwork, age regression and past life regression it is possible to change the negative patterns to positive ones.

These energy techniques have a capacity to clear the quantum levels of energy blocks, which are present in our physical body in the form of memory, likes and dislikes, mis-understandings, misinterpretations, etc. which hinder the smooth flow of energy.

These healing techniques when used collectively, in a group help us to reach our deep subconscious levels very quickly. That is because in a group the energy of individuals is not added, it gets multiplied.

One such powerful concept of healing is helping our family tree to blossom, rebuilding our family connections, healing our family constellations. We can heal our family – both our ancestors and our children by transcending the genes we carry in our blood. It is possible to heal our parents and ancestors, our children and grandchildren, our siblings, aunts and uncles by simply healing the genes we carry.

The best part of these energy techniques is that it works equally on both believers and non-believers - logical minded persons as well as creative minded people.

Hope this reading helps you to step forward, to take a decision of healing your FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS.