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Welcome to this official website of Saunvad Centre for Music and Healing (Regd. E/8545/Thane)

Aims and Objectives:

Healing, Performances and Training:

• To promote public health and spread awareness in Holistic Healing Techniques specially Past Life Regression Therapy, Breathwork, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Voice Culture, Reiki, Music Therapy, Swara Yoga and complimentary healing and spiritual techniques.
• To facilitate training in all the above techniques
• To teach and promote Devotional Music and Dance and conduct programs.
• To promote and conduct practice sessions of Voice Improvement and Ear Training.
• Conducting lectures and demonstrations for the philosophical understanding of all the above fields.
• Conducting Research based programs in all the above fields
• Conducting Healing based and Training based workshops on the above fields.

Present and Proposed Activities in all the above fields:

• Publishing a monthly e-newsletter carrying updates on Centre Activities and related fields.
• Publishing a books, audio CDs and video DVDs.
• Conducting Annual Conventions wherein the members can meet and interact with each other as well as with experts.
• Conducting Annual Spiritual and Musical Tours
• Maintaining the website named www.saunvad.org to spread global awareness and to provide updates, useful information, and resources.
• Organizing workshops and lecture series in different parts of the country and world
• To provide free healing camps, meditation and aid to the needy, in other service organizations, hospitals etc.
• To do need based activities in rehabilitation programs.